15 Top Posts From 2015

We thank all our readers and the many funders and colleagues who lent us their voices this year. We were pleased to do our part to inform and inspire your giving with these popular posts and many more.

New Regulations Spotlight Nonprofit Overhead
New rules that rewrote the book on federal grantmaking.

Are Your Trustees Involved Too Much—or Too Little—in Grantmaking?
What can you do to find a better balance?

10 Tips to Boost Your Facilitation Skills
Skillful facilitation can make your meetings more efficient, engaging, and enjoyable for all involved.

Top Resources for Philanthropists With Few or No Staff
Top resources from our shop and trusted colleague organizations.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Capacity Building Support: A Metrics Menu
Get reasonable benchmarks for evaluating capacity building support.

Reducing the Burden on Our Grantseekers and Ourselves
How and why one funder reduced its grant application from 6 pages to 1.

Vision-SuccessThoughtful Blueprints, Well-Built Houses
A grantmaker’s guide to evaluating a nonprofit’s theory of change.

Thoughts on Career Paths, Resources, and Roadblocks in Philanthropy
The journey is not always straight and clear, but the path you forge clears the way for a much brighter future.

Five Barriers to Focus and Ways to Push Past Them
Move past your misconceptions and roadblocks with tips from peers.

8 (More) Organizations Developing Social-Minded Leaders
It’s all about the people, and these organizations are investing in leaders at all levels.

Smarter Site Visits
Four practices key to effective site visits.

The Importance of a Funder’s Humility
In philanthropy, do we spend too much time thinking about ourselves and our preferences?

A Program Officer’s Bookmarks: Blogs, Books, and More
A go-to resource list for new and seasoned grantmakers.

Think Like a Designer for Greater Impact in Philanthropy
What is design thinking, and how can it benefit our giving?

Is Playing It Cool Holding Us Back in Philanthropy?
In following the wise counsel to do smarter grantmaking, are we also limiting ourselves?

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Happy New Year from all of us at Exponent Philanthropy!

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