The Foundation as “Team Family”

By Page Snow, Foundation Source

Exponent Philanthropy is pleased to feature the next post in a multipart series from our colleagues at Foundation Source, a leading provider of comprehensive support services for private foundations. Foundation Source shares our commitment to helping donors maximize their dollars and time. Read the previous post in the series

One of the most compelling motivations for establishing private foundations is the potential to unite families, providing numerous opportunities to discuss shared values and collaborate on giving back. In fact, in a survey of Foundation Source clients, 82% of respondents told us that engaging their families in their foundations was just as important as having philanthropic impact.

At this time of year, we envision our offspring happily tucking into the foundation’s agenda with the same enthusiasm as the holiday meal. Unfortunately, getting everyone involved is not always as easy as pumpkin pie.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome the challenges of making your foundation a family affair. Continue reading