New Video Series and Campaign Calling for Your Philanthropy Lessons

By Henry Berman, Exponent Philanthropy

Unlike in any other business, our fellow funders in this business of philanthropy are not our competitors. They’re our colleagues, mentors, confidantes, champions, and friends. And we need one another to maximize our collective impact.

Today, made possible by the candid sharing of some of our industry’s most inspiring funders and their sage grantee partners, we are pleased to announce a new 9-part “Philanthropy Lessons” video series produced by Exponent Philanthropy, funded by the Fund for Shared Insight, and released in partnership with The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

In each video, funders and their grantees share lessons learned throughout their careers—words of wisdom they have gained along the way. By sharing openly and honestly, they offer ways for each of us to be even more efficient and effective in creating the change we want to see in the world. Their openness also serves as a model we can follow in sharing our own lessons learned.

The corresponding campaign calls for you to share your most important philanthropy lessons. I encourage you to watch the videos and share your philanthropy lesson online or on social media using hashtag #MyPhilLesson.

Today, we release two videos in the series. Others will be released monthly through June. Please share the videos widely, then take a few minutes to share your most valuable philanthropy lesson on each video theme.

The full series covers themes that apply across geographies, issues areas, and funder size. They include learning from grantees, taking risks, giving beyond dollars, and more.

Take these lessons to heart. Learn from those who have gone before—or walk alongside—you. And, most important, embrace the value in learning from one another. After all, isn’t a learning mindset one test of a true leader?

Philanthropy lessons do truly abound in every corner of our country and world.

We are grateful and honored for the opportunity to bring many to light.

Don’t miss our monthly releases of additional videos in the new series. Follow this blog and sign up for weekly email updates from Exponent Philanthropy.

Also be sure to share your philanthropy lesson, or join the conversation on social media using hashtag #MyPhilLesson.

My sincere thanks to the dozens of Exponent Philanthropy members and their grantees who contributed their time and insights to this powerful series and campaign. They would not be possible without your generosity.

Henry BermanHenry Berman became Exponent Philanthropy’s CEO in 2011, previously serving as acting CEO, board member, and committee member. Through his experience as a foundation co-trustee and Exponent Philanthropy member since 2003, he brings a firsthand understanding of the needs of members to his role. Follow Henry on Twitter @Berman_Henry.

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